5 best browser for Android phones

5 best browser for Android phones

We all need a good browser to surf the internet that will be faster, and consume less data. in this post I will give you top five best browser for your Android phone.Also Read 10 best App for your android phone.

1.UC Browser: This browser is best for speed. its an android browser from China that has had millions of download on Google Play.

This data compress browser does not have the most beautiful interface but it does its duty well without wasting time.

uc browser
With UC Browser you can syn bookmarks and tabs between devices using the same Google or Facebook account.


2. Chrome Beta: This latest version of Chrome is another browser to surf the internet.
Note: I’m not talking about the old version of chrome that some people describe as boring, I mean the new version. Chrome Beta.

This App gives you access to so many features and its ahead of the normal chrome.
chrome beta
I think you should give it a try. The browser is completely free.

3.Opera: Opera when it comes to browsing, is the best data saving browser especially for Android device.
Opera is available for both desktop and Android device.

you can use opera for bookmarks and private browsing. Another feature of opera I so much like is the data saving features.
Opera can compress videos when viewing in mobile, so they consume less of your data but still provide a great viewing experience.

Agreed opera is not the fastest browser but once a page opens you opens almost all the whole page at once including images.

4. Flyperlink: This App is best for Multitasking in the sense that it allow you to open links in a floating window that you can easily minimize it, kept it permanently in the foreground as a small bubble, which you can press on to expand.

This flyperlink allow you to use the share button in an app to open its content in a floating window and support for chrome custom.

flyperlinkflyperlinks also allow you to switch between apps and web pages.

5. Firefox: This browser is best for customization. Firefox offers you a solid experience. With firefox, you can syn a mobile browser with the desktop version and it offers tons of customization option.

Firefox comes with the usual array of privacy and sharing options, and it has a clean way of displaying articles without any clutter.

What do you think. Which app is your favourite Browser? use the comments box.


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