FM WHATSAPP 8.70: Download Latest APK (anti-ban)

FM WHATSAPP APK is one of the modified versions of the popular text messaging app. This APK version is called MOD because it comes with great features you will not find on the regular version.

The FM WHATSAPP was developed by FM Mods. This version of WhatsApp is getting popular day by day due to some of the following features.


Features of FMWhatsApp APK

1. Customization

Customization is one of the things that makes this FMWhatsApp stand out. It gives users an opportunity to customize their apps just the way they want it. This means you can easily change the icon design, color combination, interface of the app, notification bar, and even chats.

You will even get 100 different themes available for you to pick one that suits you. You can play around and keep changing the themes everyday.


2. Anti-delete texts

Wow, this sounds interesting, right? It will if you have asked someone why they deleted their chats with you. There is no need of asking friends to resend the message he or she has deleted.

With this FMWhatsApp, you will always have those messages stick on your smartphone. This new anti-delete feature helps you to see what the other person has sent even when they have deleted it.

3. Allow specific contacts to call

Don’t like getting calls from an anonymous number? FMWhatsApp got your back on this. With the app, you can choose contacts who can call you and those not allow you to call you.


4. View Deleted Statuses

This is among one of the numerous features on the FMWhatsApp. You can view the status of your contacts even when it has been deleted. You will always see that status whenever you log in to your WhatsApp account.

5. Remove forwarded Tag

I don’t like reading forwarded messages. I just don’t know why, but all I know is that it irritates me to see a message sent by someone with the tag forwarded. If you want to pass information, send it as a message not forwarded.

The thing is that I’m not the only one that hates such tags. Many folks have also confirmed not to be reading forwarded messages. To avoid friends from reading your messages because it’s forwarded, FMWhatsApp now allows you to remove it.


This feature is called smart and it lets you remove the forwarded tag even if you want to forward the message to your many contacts.

6. Non-Contacts Chats

You read that right. This feature allows you to send messages to people that are not on your contact. So instead of saving that random number on your contact just for a business transaction, you can easily send the message directly.

7. Hide blue ticks and delivery Report

Seen, not seen, or read, this is all the sign that the delivery report gives. Don’t know about you, but I’m the type that doesn’t reply to a message immediately I read it. This has caused some misunderstanding between me and my friends. Some will even call me to know why I have not to reply to their messages. So with this new feature, you can put a stop to that.

Apart from hiding the delivery report, you can also hide the ‘typing’ status during chatting and even hide the recording status as well using the FM WHATSAPP.

8. Freeze your last Seen

This is what helps friends to see when last we appear online. Well, you can freeze your last seen and no one will view your last seen.

9. Media Sharing Features

The normal WhatsApp only allows you to send images and videos to your friends but not beyond 30 images and the files are always small. Meanwhile, the FMWhatsApp allows users to send videos up to the size of 50 MBs. You can even share other media with up to 1 GB which should be enough.

10. Conversation Privacy

With the FM WHATSAPP, you can secure your chats using passwords, fingerprints, and patterns. This way, nobody will be able to read your conversation even when they have access to your WhatsApp account.

11. Dual Accounts

Do you wish to have more than one account? With FMWhatsApp, it’s possible to have a dual WhatsApp account on the phone. This means you will have to use different phone numbers.

12. WhatsApp Status Characters

The normal WhatsApp status characters have limits which are not always enough to many. As for the FMWhatsApp, you can use up to 250 characters which are more than enough to pass a message via status.

13. Emojis and Stickers

We know, WhatsApp comes with lots of emojis and stickers which is good. However, the FMWhatsApp provides different packs of Emojis which you can use during conversation. Most of the emojis are unique that when you used them, your contacts will be surprised and will want to know where you get them from.

14. Video Calling Feature

Some people can be annoying some times. They will call you on video calls without your permission. Well, with the new FM WhatsApp, you can easily deactivate the video calling feature and stop anybody from making any video call to you. There is also an option to allow some of your friends to call you via video call.

15. App Locking Feature

Yes, we know, WhatsApp already has this feature in place. However, the new FM WhatsApp allows securing not just the app alone, but also your conversation with friends.

16. Groups

With FMWhatsApp, you can create a group with up to 500 people in a group which is X2 of what the official WhatsApp allows per group.

17. User-friendly Interface

The user friendly is one of the great features that attract many to the app. We love it and also believed that you will love it as well. Gives it a try.

FMWhatsApp 8.70 New Features

  • Base Update
  • Added New attachment picker
  • Added Option to enable/disable new attachment UI (FMMods > Conversation)
  • Added Animation to a new attachment
  • Added 5 Entries Style
  • Added 16 Bubble Style
  • Added 14 Ticks Style
  • Added “NEW” word next to new entries/ticks/bubbles
  • Added Option to change Online Toast Location (FMMods > Home)
  • Fixed One UI rotate issue
  • Fixed “Room” option in new attachment UI. If FB Messenger is not installed, the icon will switch to Camera.
  • The fixed Status tab has a number. Changed to dot only
  • Fixed Unread counter issue (ex. calls)
  • Fixed Custom Wallpaper
  • Fixed Location attachment crash
  • Fixed Some crashes
  • Fixed Other minor things
  • Removed “increase forward limit to 250” option
  • Improved Added a note when downloading themes to check dark/light mode
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot ?
  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!

You can now proceed to download FMWhatsApp 8.51 by FouadMOD APK. After downloading it, make sure you enable the installation of files from unknown sources on your device via the Settings app. Then go-ahead to install the app and enjoy it.


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