15 Best Launcher for Android Phones

Best Launcher: One of the best ways to make your smartphone look simple and unique is to customize it to give you the look you want and the method to achieve that is by installing the best launcher.



In my previous post, I listed the best app for android phones. In this post, I will show you the best launcher to customize your Android phone to look simple and cool.

Wait a minute what is a launcher?


A launcher is an application that holds an icon or menu for frequent use on a smartphone. When you change launchers you’ll have a new home screen and app drawer. You can also use the launcher to customize your phone by changing the theme and wallpaper.

Here are the best launchers I found more beautiful and fast to install on your phone.

1. Smart launcher 3.


This is another simple and fast launcher you can use to customize your phone to give you the best look you want.

The launcher has tons of customization options you can use to bring out the best home screen ever.

2.Launcher 8.


Have you ever desire to buy a window phone because of its home screen icons and design? With this launcher, you can get the exact look of a window phone on an android phone.

The launcher comes with unique features that you can use to convert your phone to gives you the exact experience you’ll get on the window phone.

3.Yahoo Aviate Launcher.

This is another simple launcher that has a simple layout. The app is free at Google play store.

4.ZenUI Launcher.

ZenUI is a launcher developed by Asus. This launcher comes with a lot of amazing themes and advanced settings to gives you the best Android experience.

With this launcher, you can adjust the home screen grid size. The launcher also includes CM app lock by Asus that you can use to secure your phone from an intruder.

One thing I love about the CM locker is that It can snap anybody trying to access the app unaware making use of the front-facing camera.

5.Microsoft Launcher.

This is a simple launcher developed by Microsoft. The launcher has a recent menu that you can use to quickly access any of your previously used app or file. This app is not like another launcher when it comes to customization but still looks good.

6.Nova Launcher Prime.

One of the best apps that makes an Android phone looks unique is this launcher. Still leading in the launchers family.

The launcher just looks great with its trove of customization. You can change the font, color, app appearance, app drawer, and much more.

The simple home screen layout is what makes the app more attractive. No floating 3D clock or some kind of a weather app but just simple and well arrange labels like Google Search and Gmail widget. You can also control how apps appear on your home screen.

7.Apex Launcher.

This launcher has a simple layout offering many options like app drawer and sick bar. It also supports a selection of themes.

This means you can always change your theme and still maintain your launcher setting and customization.

7.Hexy Launcher.

This another launcher to bring all your favorite apps on one screen. The app features a swift keyboard because it was developed by the creator of the swifkey keyboard, Looking simple and easy to use. This is one of the launchers you should try out.

8.Buzz Launcher.

This is just perfect for those that love themes. This Buzz Launcher is an ad-free custom launcher that has more than 1000,000+ free themes.

With this app, you can Apply new home screens at the touch of a button anytime. You also get to Personalize your home screen with robust icon, wallpaper editing features.

You can even Share your home screens on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

9.Go Launcher Ex.

This is another great traditional launcher that featured amazing themes and wallpapers.

10.Action Launcher.

This launcher brings all the unique features of Pixel Launcher and Android Oreo look to your phone, it has many colors, customizations options, and features that can easily make your home screen shine.

11.Next Launcher 3D Shell.

This is a 3D launcher that does its job well in a 3D format. This app has a lot of themes to customize your phone.


This app looks similar to the normal Android phone launcher. You can take this as an alternative. Unlike the Google Now launcher, this launcher provides more customization features that can satisfy you leaving you with excitement.

To discover the hidden features. Install the app, tap and hold your finger on empty specs on the home screen of your phone.

13.TSF Launcher.
This launcher features 3D animations, an unlimited dock bar, batch selections of things like icons on the home screen, widgets menu showing-up or vanishing and others. It also has full gesture support.

The launcher is just cool on any device.

14.8.1 Metro Look Launcher pro

This is another great launcher to give your phone that window look. The launcher has a beautifully designed multicolor metro theme, with more customizing features and above all, it’s less battery consumption.

The launcher is very simple and easy to use. But there is a little problem here, the app is not free. You have to pay some dollars to enjoy the 8.1 Metro Look Launcher Pro.

15.3D Launcher

This launcher has a lot of beautiful 3D icons and colors that will fancy your phone. It has a lot of themes, you can change the way your apps appear and looks, and the color of your phone home screen. It gives you the option to customize your phone the way you want. The launcher is absolutely free on Google play store.


Do you have any mind-blowing launcher that you will like to share with us? Please use the comment box below.

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