Unable To Make Conference calls on Vivo phones? Let’s fix it

Making conference calls is one of those things that keeps friends and family together. It’s like a bond that many old friends will love to cherish. Thanks to Vivo for making this available for their users.  With the Vivo FunTouch OS 4.5, users can now merge calls to create conference calls as long as your carriers support it.

To enjoy conference calls on Vivo, you have to make sure your carrier activate conference calls. Here we will be showing you how to make conference calls on all Vivo phones.


conference calls on Vivo

Vivo Conference Calls Settings

Step 1. On your phone, navigate to the Settings app
Step 2: Locate phone and then tap on Call waiting
Step 3: Finally, turn on conference calls


To Make Conference Calls

Step 4: Dial the first contact and allow it to connect.
Step 5: Click on hold when the call is connected
Step 6: Now go to your contact and make another call
Step 7: Finally click on Merge to create the conference calls.
Step 8: Repeat from step 4 to add more participants.

Note that you are allowed to add 5 participants in total. These methods just as mentioned above is applicable for all Vivo phones including Vivo V9, and Vivo V12.

How to fix unable to make conference calls on Vivo Phones

If you can’t make conference calls on your Vivo phones, please try out the below troubleshooting.


Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

You should turn on the Airplane Mode and then turn it off again. This method has been working like magic to some. Go to your phone settings and tap to turn on the Airplane Mode. After 30 seconds, turn it off again and try the conference calls again.

Reset Your Network Settings

You should reset your Vivo network settings. To do that follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the phone Settings and More settings.
Step 2: Choose Backup & Reset and Reset network settings.
Step 3: Now tap on Reset Settings two times.


After that, restart your Android phone and see if the call conference is now working and merging.

Contact Your Carrier Provider

Just as mentioned above, some carriers don’t allow call conference and because of that, it will be almost impossible to merge calls successful in your Vivo phones. To be sure, put a call to your carriers and make sure it’s activated on your line. Airtel and MTN call conference is working properly in my ends here.

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