How To Hack a SIM Card And Protect Your SIM

Are you looking for how to hack a SIM card? Yes, it’s possible, however, if you want to hack another SIM card, it’s techy and might require some additional knowledge to carry out the act.

Nevertheless, below, I will be showing you how to hack any SIM card and also how to protect your SIM card from hackers as well.


hack SIM card

How to hack SIM card

Basically, there are two ways to hack a SIM card and we will be looking at how hackers do that.


1. Simjacker

In September, some security researches found out a new security vulnerability they named Simjacker. This target SIM cards. It do this by sending a piece of spyware-like code to a target device using an SMS message.

Once you receive the message, hackers can use the code to surveil them by spying on their calls and messages and even tracking their location. Another way is to use a piece of software called S@T Browser, which is part of the SIM Application Toolkit (STK) that many mobile phone operators use on their SIM cards.

The SIMalliance Toolbox Browser is a way of accessing the internet. It’s a basic web browser—which lets service providers interact with a web application.


2. SIM Card Swapping

Another way hackers can use to access your SIM is through the SIM card swap. This is exactly how hackers get to the take over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s personal Twitter account in August 2019.

In other to perform a SIM swap a hacker will first call up your phone provider. Then they will pretend to be you and ask for a replacement SIM card. They will claim that they have a new device and therefore need a new SIM.

If they are successful, the phone provider will send them the SIM. Then they can steal your phone number and link it to their own device.


Now here is how the real hacking will affect you. First, your real SIM card will be deactivated by your provider and will stop working. Secondly, the hacker will now have control over your phone calls, messages, and two-factor authentication requests sent to your phone number.

This means they will even have information to access your Bank account, email, social media and many more. They can even lock you out of your own other accounts.

What to do if your sim card is hacked

If your SIM card is already hacked, the best thing is to quickly report to the police. Even though you know who hacked your SIM, try contacting the authority first. After that, you will have to contact your mobile provider with another SIM card.

However, before then, make sure you take proper measures to secure your Bank account. You can contact your bank and let them know what’s going on. That way, they will block any banking on your SIM card. After that, your network provider can help you get back your having SIM.

How to Keep Your SIM Card Safe

If you want to protect your SIM from hackers, you have to make it difficult for them to get access to your phone. Now you have to protect yourself against social attack.

Know that hackers will use data they find about you online, such as names of friends and family or your address. And this information will make it easier to convince a customer support agent that they are you.

You can lock this information by setting your Facebook profile to friends-only and limiting the public information you share on other sites. You should also delete old accounts you no longer use as well.

Also, be careful where you enter your details online. Another thing is to consider the two-factor authentication you use. Some of this makes it possible for anyone with your SIM card to get access to your other accounts.

You should use another authentication method such as the Google Authentication app. This way, the authentication will only be tied to your device, not your phone number, which makes it more secure against the SIM card swap that hackers use.

Set a SIM Card Lock

I already have this on my SIM and it’s essential to everyone. The most important security measure you can implement is to add a PIN code to your SIM. Now if anyone wants to make changes to your SIM card, they need the PIN code.

Before setting up the SIM card luck, ensure you know the PIN number given to you by your network provider and also the PUK number as well. To set-up, SIM card on your Android phone, head over to Settings > Lock screen and security > Other security settings > Set up SIM card lock. Now you can enable the slider for a Lock SIM card.

On an iPhone device, move to Settings > Cellular > SIM PIN. On an iPad, go to Settings > Mobile Data > SIM PIN. You should enter the existing PIN to confirm, and the SIM lock will be activated.

Wrapping Up…

Attacks on mobile devices are becoming increasingly. Simjacker and SIM swap attacks target SIM and they do that in different ways. So it’s better you protect your SIM card now before it becomes too late.

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