My Experience Importing Gadgets From China To Nigeria Online

Over the years, importing goods from China to Nigeria has become a means of livelihood to some people who have the required knowledge and not afraid of the risk. The fact is that you don’t need to travel to China or any part of the world before you can do business with them. A lot of Nigerians is afraid of buying anything outside Nigeria especially online due to customs charges and task. Well, this reasons s fair enough but can’t stop us from buying or importing goods from China. Below I will be narrating my own personal experience importing gadgets from China to Nigeria. Hope it will help you to make your own decisions.

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My Experience Importing Gadgets From China To Nigeria Online

The idea of importing from China to Nigeria flash into my mind the first time a received a product from GearBest to review.  GearBest is an online leading e-commerce base in China. I have also written hand full of information about them and also how to import from them which you can read here. The product I received from them is Xiaomi Redmi 4X and it was shipped through DHL and was delivered to me in my doorstep. I did not pay a dime for any shipping. This is because it was a gift from GearBest, so they clear everything for me.

Xiaomi Redmi 4X

After that, I decided to order Umidigi S2 Lite at a price of $129 from GearBest which cost approximately N47,000 in Nigeria. Well, it’s cheaper than the one I saw on Jumia back then selling at a price of 59,000.  I also bought some items that were shipped together with the phone. I bought micro SD card 32GB at a price of $6.7 (N2,450), Xiaomi Mi 4X casing for $1.99, the glass protector for $1.75 and also a Bluetooth speaker for $6.99.

I paid through PayPal and the shipping cost was $3 this is because the Umidigi S2 Lite comes with free shipping. The $3 I paid was far better than 1600 I was asked to pay on Jumia when I ordered the same products on the website. The shipping method is through the Netherlands Registered with a tracking number and it took 15 days for the goods to arrive. I paid N700 fee at the post office which is still not that bad.

umidigi S2 Lite

After that, I also ordered some items which include wristwatch, micro SD card, Bluetooth headphones and also phone casing. This time around, I choose unregistered Sweden surface mail shipment method. Their cost of shipping was $3 and I only paid N200 at the post office. The disadvantage of using unregistered shipment method is that you will not be able to track the shipment progress and to be honest, the items delayed before it reach me.

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It took up to 28 days to reach me. So, it’s advisable you choose a registered shipment method.
Right now, I’m planning on buying items from Alibaba this time around to see their shipment procedures and customs charges.  I think I will start with a tablet and laptop. I promise to write the experience too. But before then, have you bought or import anytime from China to Nigeria online?
Let’s hear your own experience.

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