Another Airtel 20x Bonus is Here Again. (N200 for N4000)

WOW, it seems this ember month is a month of surprise from Airtel network. Just recently they release 8x bonus on all recharge.

Now it’s another 20x bonus. You can easily get this pack on bonus subscription. Unlike the do anyhow plan you have to recharge with a special code before you can get the bonus.


This plan is different. You have to pay for it like the way you subscribe for normal data.

The plan does not only include voice call but also data to browse.


To subscribe to this plan follow the steps below…

To get N2,000 for just N100. dial *241*100#

To get N4,000 for N200 dia *241*200#.


To get N6,000 for N300 dial *241*300#.

To get N10,000 for N500 dial *241*500#.

To get N20,000 for N1000 dial *241*500#.


Note: If your SIM is new you will automatically be in the 8x bonus and this 20x bonus may not work for you. But if your SIM is old then this bonus will work for you.

The little problem here is that Airtel network is not stable these days especially from 7 PM to 6 AM.

Hope they will improve their service soon.

Enjoy while it last.

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