How to Check Airtel Number Using Code

Are you looking for an easy way to check your Airtel phone number? The funny thing is that not all of us know our number of hearts. So sometimes we will need to get the number maybe to give someone, or even for online registration.

The truth is that you can easily check our Airtel phone number right on your device using a simple code. Below, I will be showing an easy way to get your Airtel phone number anytime anywhere.


How to Check Your Airtel Phone Number

Step 1: Dial *121# using the Airtel SIM you want to see the number.

Step 2: Now select option 3 for “Manage My Account”.


Step 3: Finally select option 4 for “My Number“.

Step 4: Done. Your Airtel phone number will now be displayed on your screen. You can now go ahead and copy it.

Other Methods to Check Airtel Phone Number

There is still some other method you can use to check your Airtel phone number. I believed you no longer have your SIM pack. However, if you still have the pack, then the SIM pack will still contain your number and you can copy it from there.


Let just say you no longer have the pack, you can still see your phone number using *121*9# or *282#.

Another alternative is to call someone using your Airtel line. Once the person sees the call, you can now collect the phone and view your number from the incoming calls.

Yes, there is still another alternative and that is through SMS. Sending some a message is another way to see your Airtel number. Even if you don’t have credit on your SIM, you can still send the SMS. On your phone, dial *140*your friend’s Number# and send.


After that, you can then check your friend’s phone to see your number. If you still don’t want to follow all these procedures, you can also put a call to Airtel Customer Care Represantative. Their number is 111 and there are no charges applied.

When you call customer care, you can simply ask them that you want to know your phone number and they will be glad to call the digits to you.

Yes, it’s that simple and as you are leaving, don’t forget to share this post and drop a comment. We just love hearing from our readers.

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  1. I need help pls unlock this Airtel number 09122174334 there are asking for puk number but she misplaced the sim park pls help unlock the sim


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