Social media is a vital tool for every blogger. It’s like a hammer but when you choose to use social media channels without any idea of how it all works and no exact strategy, it will look like taking a hammer and running around to find what to build with it.

Here are 4 social media strategies you should definitely try out. 

1. Promote Old Posts

What do most new bloggers do?

They write articles , post it, and then wait for the audience coming and sharing it. Well, the only audience they might expect in that case is their friends. 

What do most average bloggers do?

They write articles , post it then promote it on many platforms. Some use up to 50 ways of promotion. 

What do amazing bloggers do? They promote their content before publishing it.
How do they that?

1. They send content teasers to Chats and Forums related to their niche. 

2. They send content previews to communities in their niche.

THE STRATEGY: Plan your content promotion in advance. Promote it before publishing where possible. Don’t stop promoting it even once your writing goes live.

2. Use Writing Tricks

Do you know who is who on social media?

The fact is, every social network has its specific audience. 

Make sure you speak the same language with those in the network. 

Facebook is like a family.
Twitter is like a party. 
Google+ is a club for like-minded people. This network is for passions. 

Depending on people who use a particular social network , your posts needs writing tricks to hook them.

The perfect post for Facebook:

It should be up to 40 words with questions or clear Call To Actions. 

Should have an image of at least 400 to 500 pixels wide, a gif, or videos from Vimeo or YouTube and a hyperlink. 

Should be shared with relevant pages and groups.

The perfect post for Twitter:

Use relevant #hashtags
Use bright images
Use verbs of action, questions, or CTA inviting users to click
Use mentions to embrace a wider audience.

The perfect post for Google+:

It should have a title despite its presence in embed links

Should be hashtaged accordingly

It should have visual elements;
It should be posted to both your circles and relevant communities.

THE STRATEGY: Don’t use all the social networks for promotion. You really don’t need it, and it’s almost impossible to manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and other networks at the same time if you want to do it well.

Pick 2 or 3 social networks and concentrate on them. Otherwise, you’ll never do well any of them.

3. Blog Less

Most bloggers still believe that the more often they write and publish content, the better.

They tend to get scared and anxious about posting something new. 

Well here are the consequences of continuous posting ;that is if you’re writing original content. 

1 Sacrificing quality for quantity.
2.Getting sick and tired.

It may sound like bad advice but it’s the truth. Here’s what to do :

1. Create compelling content.
2. Don’t let quantity beat quality.
3. Update your posts more, write less. 
4. Focus more on sharing, not selling.
5.Outsource your writing task .

THE STRATEGY: Frequent posting of content destroys your social media proof ; also , everyday posting gives you little time for planning and promoting. Most of my posts that stay longer , get more interactions. so, don’t be in a hurry.

However, it takes a lot of time from hours to days, or even weeks – to create something that’s worth reading and sharing.

4. Don’t Push It To Far

This one applies to bloggers who are also affiliate marketers. 

You are an amazing blogger if the majority of your clients come from your social media followers! The thing is, people do not follow you for the purpose of buying your product, and they will never buy anything if you push them to do that. Trust me I’ve tried it and it hardly works. 

Here’s What You Should Do :

Write in a tone that sounds like you’re talking to them directly. 

Let them see you are real.

Make them believe your service or product is exactly what they were looking.

Make them want to learn more details.

Teach them, solve a problem, entertain them.
Respond accordingly.

THE STRATEGY: Promote your product or service in less than 10% of your social media posts. 
Blogs and social media are about making a genuine connection. Build relations – and your readers and customers will find you.

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