Racksterly: Hello guys, have you heard about the new online money-making program currently available in Nigeria? Well, it’s called Racksterly earning program. I have been receiving many inquiries from many readers if this program is legit or not. Below, is everything you need to know about the Racksterly program. Whether it is legit or scam.

Disclaimer: Naijatechgist is not in any partnership with Racksterly. This post is just review. If you wish to join the program, do so with your spare money and at your own risk. We will not be responsible if anything happens to your money or the program fold up.


How does Racksterly Work?

Racksterly is an online advertising company just like Google where the company pays you for sharing posts to your Facebook timeline.  The program consists of three steps, YOU SHARE ADSYOU EARNYOU GET PAID, just by using their platform.

This website is an advertising company where businesses pay them to put up their products and services on its platform. All you need is just a social account like Facebook that is at least two months old with 200 friends. Each day you log into your dashboard you’ll see an advertisement and all you need to do is to share it on your Facebook timeline and you’ll get paid.

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Pretty simple right, don’t shout yet, Racksterly requires a signup fee before you become a member and start making money from the platform. Oh no, is this another NNU or MMM again? Maybe.

This platform looks more legit than NNU or MMM in the sense that, you only have to share a single post per day and earn. Meaning, you won’t accumulate too much money that will be too big for the company to pay you.

However, looking at it from another angle, it looks fake and scam. Because even the almighty Google will not be paying double investment. It’s just a matter of time, the website may run out of cash and eventually fold. It’s true, they’re paying, but it seems it won’t stand the taste of time.

Another thing is that it comes with a monthly subscription. In other words, this is not a quick money-making platform as they claim. However, you can still earn some cash as a student or a working class.

Below are their subscription plan and the amount you’ll be paid at the end of the month.


  • Pay $18 = N6,879
  • Get daily (for 30days) $1.2 = N432
  • N432x30 = N12,960 monthly


  • Pay $25 = N9,296
  • Get daily (for 30days) $1.8 = N648
  • N648x30 = N19,440 monthly


  • Pay $45 = N16,732
  • Get daily (for 30days) $3.5 = N1,260
  • N1260x30 = N37,800 monthly


  • Pay $75 = N27,887
  • Get daily (for 30days) $5.6 = N2,016
  • N2016x30 = N60,480 monthly

Note: On this platform, $1 is equivalent to #360. So the higher the plan, the more money you make. As for me, I’m already on the Typhoon plan and I have started making money already, hopefully to cashout on January 5, 2020.

Just as promised, the Racksterly did not pay me after I’m due for payment since on the 5th of January. This has been our biggest fear. Please I want to make this known, stop subscribing for the program.

Although you can still subscribe which raises the red flag. You can pay but you can not withdraw. So it’s wise to stop any subscription on the website until they start payout.

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How To Join Racksterly Income Program

Step 1: Visit their website here to register
Step 2: Signup using your real name, email address and password (Gmail preferably)
Step 3: Now add your Bank account details where you can withdraw your money at the end of every month
Step 4: In this stage, you’ll have to link your Racksterly account with your Facebook account
Step 5: Done, you can now start sharing ads to your Facebook timeline to earn your money.
Step 6: To withdraw your money, click on the menu icon located at the top-right corner and then click on Withdraw.

You are allowed to share only one ad to your Facebook timeline per day. Your cash out is every 30 days and you can withdraw it to your account without any hassle.

Racksterly FAQs

When did Racksterly Start?

Racksterly start in June 2019 and till now they are still online. However, the site owner claim the domain name was registered about 4 years ago. We are yet to verify this claim.

Racksterly Office in Nigeria

Hello, for now, Racstery currently has no Office or based in Nigeria.

Racksterly Office in Lagos

From the inquiries I made, Racksterly uses to have an office in Lagos but not anymore. However, they claim that those who wish to see them know where to find them.

How do I contact Racksterly?

You can contact them Online through their email or use their social media on Facebook or Twitter. Just search Racksterly.

Is Racksterly Income Program legit/Real or scam?

For now, the Racksterly program seems legit and real. It has pay many and all the reviews on both social media and Forum are positive. This, however, is not enough reason to called it a legit earning program. Even MMM was paying before it eventually crash. NNU on the other hand also was paying but till now my money is still on the site. Meaning they scammed me.

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Is the subscription lifetime?

No, after the first subscription, you’ll have to buy another subscription plan to continue being a member on the platform.

Can I withdraw my money anytime I want?

No, you are only allowed to withdraw every 30 days not at the end of the Month.

Must I share the news on my Facebook timeline every day?

Yes, sharing the news on your Facebook timeline is the only 5 minutes job you need to make more money on the platform.

Is it compulsory to refers people?

No, you will still withdraw your money even though you don’t have any referral on your account.

Will I make money when I refer to people?

Yes, Racksterly pays you some commission on every referral. However, when you refer up to 10 people on the month of subscription, you’ll get a free one-month subscription on the platform. This is called a bonus package.


I did not receive confirmation code on my email

Well, the confirmation code has already been sent to your email account. However, if you have not seen the email, check the email address again to confirm its accuracy. You should also check your spam folder or promotion page on your email address which is always at the top of your screen.

I can,t login on my Racksterly account

The problem might be from the website. Maybe their server is down or it might be from your network or browser. Try and clear your browser cache and try again.

I Have shared a post on my Facebook and refer people but has not been credited

Well, it might be from your browser. Use Google Chrome instead of any other browser and try it again.

Can I Open more than one Racksterly Account with one FaceBook account?

No, you are allowed to have just one Racksterly account. If you wish to operate more than one Rackserly account, you’ll have to create more than one Facebook account. Meaning four Racksterly accounts is four Facebook account.

Wrapping Up…

MMM came and make some rich and others homeless. The bottom line is, there is no evidence or proof that this new Racksterly will not fold up in the future. My humble advice is to use your money for something else or better still, take the risk, register with your spare money and give it a shot, after all, they say no loss, no gain.  If they pay you, keep your capital and start another subscription with your gain to avoid stories that touch the heart.


  1. Good day, racksterly.co network is very bad.i have not been able to log in to my account and post. Please,try and do something about it today.thanks!
    Best regards!

    Edwin Ikechukwu

    • They’re working on it… Seems it’s site upgrade. I also updated this site yesterday, so it’s norm with some site’s. Just don’t know why their update is taking so long. Just be calm.

  2. You ve been telling us about Racksterly, for the past months. ..pls what’s happening to their site or is it that it has folded up, have they scammed poor Nigerians…

    • They are working on their site… It’s hardware update. The site will be back soon. I think so. I don’t think they have fold up either or have scam poor Nigerians as you said… Between, I also have account with them. So don’t worry. Just subscribe to our notification for latest update.

  3. Plz they should fix the connection back with immediate effect coz it’s gonna make us lose money if it exceeds today.Is there any compensation from racksterly to its users for being unable to post advert due to network upgrade of racksterly site.

  4. All my referrals are killing me. Please racksterly, what is the problem. And who is paying for the day that your site is inaccessible? There is God oh!

  5. I just want to comend you for replying every message… Yeah we are all panicking… Especially me, cause i made people go out of their will to do this… They did cause of the belief and trust they had in me.. Now it seems like a different ball game.. But your positive response has given me courage to face them telling them that everything will be aaalllright…
    Thank you Mr. Miracle.

    • You are welcome…. The calls from different angle is getting too much. People need to be calm. I understand the fear… Hopefully they’ll be back this time strong.

  6. @Miracle Offorma…There is no any assurance in your statement sir. You’re very diplomatic in all your responses.
    How close are you to the management. Please we need an assuring word. Thanks

    • Per info, it’s system upgrade… Their sever is down due to high traffic hitting their site… Seems they’re moving to a new host. This very blog has been down sometime for more than 48 hours due to system upgrade. Let’s just exercise some patience. However, updating us would have been better than their silent. Be calm

    • Hello, be calm. Between, Naijatechgist is not in any partnership with Racksterly… This post is just a honest review. I believe if they want to scammed us they’ll start by withhelding people’s money. Per my check, some people still receive their money yesterday. One of their team mentioned system upgrade due to high traffic. We just have to wait.

  7. I why do most bloggers failed to see the danger in racksterly? this program is doom to fail, are you a participant in this program?
    If yes then your review is aimed towards referral links.
    I want the review coming from someone who hasn’t joined the program yet.

    • How do you expect someone who have not joined the program to write a review of something he knows nothing about. Racksterly has been paying people. Every business has a start. You make payment directly to their company account. Meaning someone is accountable to your money. You can as well use the bank details you make the payment to and send your Bank a complaint. With BVN they can bring them to book. Nevertheless, when next you’re joining any online business, do that with your spare money at your own risk. Don’t blaim anyone. I have my money there as well and it’s on the highest plan.

      • With this your type of ideology and knack for easy wealth will make you lose serious money.
        Who is is behind racksterly? your money is not secured with them.
        ]MMM paid out for almost a year before it crashed .
        Udeme wise up.

        • Yeah, you’re right… Racksterly may crash but for now, they’re paying just like MMM… We only invest the little we can lose… No hard feeling bro.

  8. Please this people should find something and do fast about it,since yesterday I haven’t been able to login and share… I know if they are back, they will credit for the days I missed out, but please let them not scammed us oo

  9. Hello everyone, the site will be back before today’s run out. Be calm. They’ve not run away with your money. Smiles…

  10. hi,

    the only issues i have is will “RACKSTERLY” review the numbers of days i have lost to post adverts due to the upgrade of their site. for me this translate to losing money.

  11. Hopefully…( Miracle Offorma)… By which hour of the day do u thing there upgrading will b done…there is a need for them to informed ours… That the are facing some challenges on there severs…

  12. I’m not understanding anymore… Why is it now that I did various sub and referred various people that this will happen? I’m scared!

  13. What’s happening, the site is opening but I’m seeing stream instead of share. I I can’t see where to share. Please explain to me

  14. I try to access the site now and it was super fast but It became reaaaly slow again before I could hit the login button. still loading till now

  15. Racksterly is a big scam!!!!
    Why can’t I login to my own account for the past 3 days. What’s wrong with the site???
    I put in my correct email & password yet it refuses to open my account to me.
    Secondly, I will share an advert but I won’t be paid & the advert will reflect on my Facebook timeline…

  16. U people should Be open to people who believe in you guys at the Beginning.what is all this ..if u people want run tell us..

  17. I no understand what is going on in racksterly ,i click for withdrawal since yesterday morning up till now i hav not receive my cash,is still writing processing, pls head do something.

    • That’s is the problem they’re having with paystack. Some of you reported them to paystack during the blog shutdown and they withhold their money even their Bank as well. Right now, you can’t withdraw nor make payment on the sites till they resolved their issues with Bank and paystack.

  18. Please I’m having issues sharing post on racksterly, wheneven I click on a post to share on facebook it always gives an error message, or the post has been reported or incorrect link or something, how do I continue to share please

    • Make sure you select relevant posts to share. Don’t share all those posts Racksterly users use to post. Choose the one uploaded by Racksterly, however before you do that, clear your browser cache and use the Google Chrome browser.

  19. Please my facebook Is connected to racksterly but when I try to share it keeps saying I should find a profile over and over
    Please why’s it happening?


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