PiggyVest Customer care, phone number and address

PiggyVest is the first on the web “Reserve funds and Investment” application in West Africa. It previously begin as “Piggybank. ng” on the seventh of January 2016 as an investment funds just stage.

It’s an online platform that helps individuals, businesses, and cooperations save their money to meet their required objectives. The platform also offers its customers the opportunity to invest their money in various schemes and get up to 25% return on investments for as little as 8 months or more. Saving money attracts up to 13%. They are referred to as the biggest online savings and investing platform in Nigeria.



For quite some time, they have offered reserve funds to clients. At around April of 2019, piggy bank was renamed “PiggyVest” and started offering direct speculation potential open doors to clients notwithstanding the reserve funds.


5 years on, they have kept on delivering brilliant support to over 1,000,000 clients and also supporting their customers to deal with their accounts with straightforwardness. They encourage their clients to save and contribute billions of Naira unfailingly rather than spending it. PiggyVest is set to empower its customers in a way to regulate and expand their accounts.

Mode of Operation

Piggy provides for its customers the features to automatically save their money every day, every week, or every month. The money will be deducted automatically from the customer’s bank account. If the customer does not like automatic deduction, there is a feature called Quicksave.

Quicksave allows customers to save money manually whenever they wish. If you choose the quick save options, you will need to log in to the website or app to save manually when you want.


Customers can decide to pause their savings at any time and continue later. If you do not have money for a month to save, you have no problem, you can use quicksave or pause the savings.

Customers can also choose to increase the amount they save. Everything is in the right order, you just choose how you want it.

Customers can withdraw from their PiggyBank account instantly. But to maintain some level of discipline, there are very few withdrawal dates in a year.

  • All 31st of March
  • Every 30th of June
  • All 30th of September
  • And every 31st of December

PiggyVest reward points

PiggyVest rewards its customers for saving with the platform. Customers can earn points for savings and can convert the points to cash.

The amount of points customers earn depends on how much they have saved. Here is a breakdown:

  • ?2000 –?4999 = 1 point
  • ?5000 – ?9999 = 2 points
  • ?10000 –?49999 = 10 points
  • ?50000 – ?99999 = 25 points
  • ?100000 and above = 55 points

The value of each point is ?10. That is 1 Piggy Point = ?10.

PiggyVest Head office address

Customers can directly reach them at their head office building, which is located at 16 Boyle Street, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

PiggyVest mobile app

The PiggyVest app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Customers can download it from the Google play store and app store respectively.

PiggyVest Website

Customers can visit them through their website @

Customer care email

You can also send them an email or complaint @

Customer care phone number

Do contact them on their customer care phone number which is 0700 933 933 933

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