Download Resident Evil 1 PPSSPP For Android

Download Resident Evil 1 PPSSPP For Android highly compressed filed.

Resident Evil is a survival horror video game developed released by Capcom originally for the PlayStation in 1996 and is the first game in the Resident Evil series. Its plot follows Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, members of an elite task force known as S.T.A.R.S, as they investigate the outskirts of Raccoon City going by the disappearance of their team members.

On the mission, they will be trapped in a mansion infested with zombies and other monsters. Players have the option to select to play as Chris or Jill at the start of the game. You will have to explore the mansion to uncover its secrets.

Resident Evil 1 PPSSPP

The gameplay features largely third-person action with added emphasis on inventory management, exploration, and puzzle-solving. The Resident Evil 1 is a nice game that uses 3D models superimposed over pre-rendered backgrounds.

Download Resident Evil 1 PPSSPP

Resident Evil 1 will need a file extractor to extract the file and then an emulator to play it on your phone. Use the comment box if you have any questions and don’t forget to share the game as well.

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