Yandere Simulator 2

Download Yandere Simulator PPSSPP For Android.

The Yandere Simulator is a game that simulates the day-to-day school life of a young student on her journey to win a classmate’s heart. Now your mission in the game is to prevent other students from doing this first.

So you will have to control Yandere-chan (Fandom), a timid girl determined to join forces to declare herself to her Senpai within a month. However, our protagonist’s soul mate doesn’t even know about her. Nevertheless, her popularity makes him a magnet for girls, who will appear weekly to “compete” with the character.

Since no girl is worthy of having the love of her Senpai, her duty will be to stop them from making him fall in love. The best ways to get rid of your rivals abound in Yandere Simulator. Yandere-chan can curse a girl, making her be hated by her Senpai. She can forge a crime so that she is to blame. She can even create a situation that causes her to be expelled, or even convince another girl to mistreat her until she commits suicide.

Yandere Simulator PPSSPP

If you don’t want any drastic approach, your best bet is to invite the girl for a walk and then use that knife you hid by sneaking through the kitchen. Another option is to steal tranquilizers from the infirmary and kidnap your opponent and then drop it from the top of the building.

This is one of the best games ever. However, the name makes some people imagine if the game worth their time and attention.

Download Yandere Simulator PPSSPP

Installing Yandere Simulator PPSSPP on your Android phone is very simple. Just use a file extractor to extract the game and open it with your emulator.


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