Splitgate Tips and Tricks: How to Master the Portal-Filled FPS

Splitgate is just one amazing game that will lead you on with hours upon hours of gaming. A unique thing about this game is the portal feature. As you may have noticed already, portalling brings a special feel to the game as players can reach any location on the map in a split second.

The shortcoming, however, is that you don’t get to enjoy all the fun and thrill associated with Splitgate if you don’t master the game. We’ll help you take care of that concern as we proceed in this article. You should also consider undetected Splitgate Hacks to help you boost your performance in the game.


5 tips on how to master Splitgate

  • Switching weapons appropriately rock

Weapons in Splitgate will always come with both good and bad sides. The Carbine, for example, deals impressive damage to its victims. With this weapon, you can kill opponents with 3 to 4 good shots. The downside, however, is its low fire rate. The Assault rifle, which comes along with the Carbine, has a reasonable fire rate but deals minimal damage.

Thankfully, the mechanics responsible for switching weapons in Splitgate takes a very short time. Initiate a fight with the Carbine and immediately follow up the shot with several shots from your rifle or SMG. If you choose to wait for the next bullet from your Carbine, you should be ready to receive some blows.

  • Know when to use grenades

You’re probably coming from COD, where you can use grenades to get some massive kills. We’re sorry to disappoint you because Splitgate has a different task reserved for grenades. So, if you continue throwing a grenade at many enemies and expect to get kills, you might want to stop wasting those grenades.

Grenades in Splitgate are meant for portals. It is the only way to destroy portals in Splitgate. If you’re new to the game, launching a grenade simply demands that you press the D button on your pad. Note that throwing grenades have an animation that takes a considerable amount of time; you might be vulnerable. Make sure the air is clear before undertaking such.

  • Take some time out for practice.

Splitgame can be so much fun and, at the same time, unforgiving for those who don’t know how things work in the game. There are several things in Splitgate that you should understand, ranging from portalling to familiarizing yourself with the weapons.


Luckily, the game has a mode that allows noobs and advanced players to practice. Simply navigate on the main menu to where you have the Education tab, then click on it. This mode allows you to play the game with different weapons available in your real multiplayer game. You might learn a strategy or discover some great spots; who knows?

  • Use portals to save your head.

Many times players get caught in fights that don’t look like it’s ending in their favor. When this happens, the best and only option you have is to flee. Many players use portals for this purpose as it’s the fastest way to move around the map.

However, you might just be setting yourself up for more regrettable mistakes if you don’t know how to handle portals. Once you’re out of the portal, close it. You don’t want someone sneaking up behind you through your portal. With regular repetition, you’ll get used to the process. 

  • Don’t take melee weapons for granted.

Melee weapons on Splitgate may not seem very significant, but there’s more to it than you can see. Maybe you’d like to know that a single blow from one melee weapon can do a big amount of damage. A single blow from a melee can deal up to 50 damage. Simply deliver a blow with your melee, then finish off the fight here using your rifle. However, you must note that melee weapons are only ideal in close-quarter combat.


If you want to gain mastery over anything ranging from cooking to playing Splitgate, you’ll need to spend time doing it in depth. Learn to use portals and the weapons available in the game. This may not sound like your thing, but you’ll need to learn how to switch between weapons. 

It increases your survival chances as you can function in a variety of situations. Lastly, grenades will not do anything to your opponents. The only place to use grenades in Splitgate is on an enemy’s portal – it’s your only way to destroy portals in Splitgate.

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