How to recover deleted messages on Whatsapp.

When WhatsApp introduce the revoke instant message feature on their app we were happy and comfortable using the fastest messaging app to chat and keep in touch with our friends.


Whatsapp is my favorite messaging app. I love most of its features.

But have you noticed this? When someone sends you a text and when you were about to read the message you will discover that the message has been revoked…

you will be so curious to know what the message is all about. Even when you ask the sender why he/her un-send the message you will hear something like “the message is for another person, sorry just forget it”

I don’t know about you but I hate this kind of respond. Even when the message is not for me I will still want to know what is all about.

The most painful one is when you are in a group chat and two or more people are having some beef and before you could read all their messages you will discover that some have already been deleted. It had happened to me ones and I made up my mind not to miss that kind of message again.

That’s why I decided to search for the best alternative to retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp and read it even when the sender doesn’t want us to read it and I come up with the best solution to achieve that.

It’s not that difficult to do just follow the simple steps below to keep track of all incoming messages on your WhatsApp.

We will need a third party app to carry out this task, therefore, you will need to download Notification History from Google Play Store.

For the app to work perfectly we have to give it access to notifications in our phone settings.

To grant it access go to phone settings, tap on sound and notifications, now tap on notifications and then tap on notifications access and allow it that’s all.

phone setting
phone setting

Now when you receive any messages on your WhatsApp, you can go to the notification history and read the message even when the message has been deleted. That’s all, for now, please don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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