Download Splashdown Rides Gone Wild PS2 PPSSPP

Splashdown Rides Gone Wild is available for Playstation 2 and the game is inspired by the spectacle and excitement of theme parks and thrill rides. Splashdown 2 has players blasting through huge, imaginative locales with amazing sights and startling events around every corner.

It has beautiful water and physics technology has evolved as well with bigger waves, swift currents, and treacherous downhill rivers. You will get plenty of tricky, technical Indoor Stadium courses, plus a Freestyle stunt mode, an all-new Technical Time Trials mode for hardcore racers, and many more.

Splashdown 2 brings in the combination of life arcade fun with Rainbow Studios’ signature realistic physics and controls. The Wild, spectacular “thrill-ride” races through exciting, imaginative locales such as Cannonball Cove, Polar Plunge, and Blackwater Castle.

Splashdown Rides Gone Wild ISO

The animated elements triggered events, and changing paths combine in each race to present a cinematic, narrative experience new to the racing genre. It has nice graphics with huge outdoor courses, 12 tricky indoor stadium tracks, and 12 races in the new technical time trials mode for professional PWC.

Download Splashdown Rides Gone Wild PPSSPP

After downloading the game, make sure you extract the file using an extractor and then use an emulator to play the game on your android phone. Don’t forget to use the comment box if you have any questions.

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