Download Hello Neighbor 2 PPSSPP For Android Emulator

Hello Neighbor 2 PPSSPP emulator is a dynamic pixel that gives you a taste of the household attack game of stealth horror. The game will send you the opening sequences of the final game, another alpha release. This version can be used as a sample because it features the last technique, some of the intro, and even some parts of the tutorial.

Hello, Neighbor is a game that combines the elements of stealth with horror. The main thing is breaking into the house of your friend, to discover the horrific secrets he hides in his cellar. You can also play a self-learning advanced IA.  You will have to creep around the neighbor to escape from the traps.


Hello Neighbor 2

The game is equipped with an exciting sandbox with plenty of connections between setting and physics. You will enjoy an ever-changing experience as your neighbor AI counters and learns all of your moves.


Download Neighbor 2 PPSSPP

You will need a file extractor to extract the file and then you can use an emulator to play the game on your phone.

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