My 4 months experience in blogging.

Blogging is one of the common means of making money online.



At a tender age, I became addicted to the internet and social network. Am always online and active. Back in college most of my friends use to call me guru because I always share browsing cheat and mobile tricks with them.

Instead of visiting other people’s blogs every day, burning my data I decided to create my own blog where I can easily share my ideas with others.


The beginning

Initially, it was not easy at all for me to set up my dream blog because of the following…

  • I don’t have any idea about HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • I don’t have a PC (personal computer).
  • I don’t have the money to hire a web developer.

After much online research, I discover that I can still blog with my smartphone even without the knowledge of HTML. Another problem that still remains is how to design the blog. As a newbie, I don’t have any knowledge of web development.


So I decided to start a free blog. I started with blogger but before then I have read online on how to customize a Blogspot blog. The domain name was Looking at the blog, I said to myself this is not what I want. I wanted something better that looks professional.

After three months, I decided to move to a self-hosted WordPress blog. I hired a professional blog developer who deeds a nice job for me. I change my domain name to because I needed traffic from Nigeria. Here in Nigeria, the competition is not that much, with hard work my Technology blog has the chance to grow.

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My mistakes.

I am not different from others so I also made some of the common mistakes among newbie bloggers.

One of the mistakes that almost cost me my blog is Theme. I keep changing Themes like cloth. I will change this one today and tomorrow I will see another theme that seems to be the best, the nest thing is to switch to that very theme. Within three months I changed about 15 different themes, and this really affects the little traffic I was getting then and it also cripples my SEO.
Copy and paste are among the mistakes I made from the start. back in school days, we were taught not to copy from others, so I won’t lie that I don’t know the side effect of copy and paste to SEO. But the idea of keeping my blog up to date keeps pushing me.

Another mistake that I made is SEO. I never paid attention to these popular words among bloggers’ search engine optimization. I keep reading about SEO here and there but I never implement them on my own blog.

No wonder my blog post is always on the last page of google anytime you search for them and this makes me feel demotivated. I never knew I was the one killing my blog.

My lessons.

So far I have learned a lot from blogging. Before I don’t know anything about SEO but right now I can boastfully tell you that I am an SEO expert. Apart from that, blogging has transformed me into a better person. I have learned the following in these few months of blogging…

  • I have learned how to write much better now than before.
  • I have mastered the keyboard.
  • I have made a lot of genuine friends online mostly from different countries.
  • I have mastered HTML, CSS and Javascript tags and some programming languages.
  • Right now am beginning to feel like a responsible person.


If you are blogging to make quick money I will advise you to quit now because you will never make a penny from your blog. Blogging is not for lazy ones as some people portray it to be, but for those who are willing to adjust, learn and apply.

I’m determined to keep blogging until I become a successful blogger.

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