How To Protect Your Gmail Account From Hackers.

You will never know how easy it's for hackers to hack into our Gmail account, steal our valuable information and at the same times kick us out of our personal account...

You Can Now Make Video Calls with Instagram [See How].

On may, 1 which is F8 (pronounced “eff eight”), is the Facebook’s annual developer conference where Instagram announced some impressive features coming to the platform which the most exciting among them...

whatsapp beta bring ability to revoke messages 5 minute after

A WhatsApp beta update now allows messages to be revoked a whole 5 minutes after it has been sent. The update arrives for the for WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 that basically works...

How To Chat On Telegram Free Without Data

Telegram is now more engaging than ever. The Telegram group is more lively than WhatsApp group because of the increase in numbers of people per group. WhatsApp can only accept 200...

How to use the WhatsApp new live location feature.

Earlier this year WhatsApp announced that they are going to include new sharing location feature on their next update. The good news is that they have fulfilled their promise. Now you can...

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MTN Date Cheat Code For Free Browsing 2020

Hey relaxed, I know you are for MTN data cheat code, but wait a minute, why do you love to cheat, oh my bad,...