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How to Earn Free Airtime with M-Cent Browser [So Easy].

Did you know, you can actually be earning free airtime as you browse the internet using M-Cent browser app? This is no gimmick it's real and I have tested it my...
7 things about smartphone your boss want to know

7 things about smartphone your boss want to know.

Smartphones are one of those modern Technology things that make our life Easy and enjoyable. Back in the days of Nokia 3210, The Design and battery are rarely a concern, but now...

Amazing tips about Gorilla glass you should know.

Gorilla Glass is one of those amazing features that our smartphone now comes with. If you are a tech geek or smartphone lover you should be familiar with this words. But...

Leak See the latest Samsung smart flip-phone W2018

Samsung W2018 is the latest device that will be released soon which may likely be on December 1, 2017. This is a flip phone(aka open and close). https://youtu.be/cbUirO0PNFw The phone is said to have...

Why I Love Infinix Hot 4 (And You Should, Too!)

Infinix Hot 4 no doubt is the new latest device in town especially here in Nigeria. This smartphone comes in series. Hot 4, Hot4 lite and Hot 4 Pro. The Deferences. The difference...

How to recover deleted data on your Android phone and SD card.

Have you ever accidentally deleted all the data like music, text messages, video, photos, contacts on your Android phone? don't panic because you can still recover them all. Today I will be...

Leak. See the latest upcoming phones from Alcatel.

No matter how hard a person may try to hide smartphone online there must be a leak. Some may argue that it's not good to leak a surprise package like upcoming phones....

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MTN Date Cheat Code For Free Browsing 2020

Hey relaxed, I know you are for MTN data cheat code, but wait a minute, why do you love to cheat, oh my bad,...